More than a business plan
Don’t just plan it – make it happen

Bite sized chunks

Writing a business plan from scratch can seem a little daunting. Plan HQ makes the whole process manageable by breaking it down into bite-sized chunks.

Work your way through each chapter in your own time. At the end, Plan HQ will automatically create a range of Financial Statements and provide you with a pdf document that can be easily shared and printed.

More than just a business plan

Most business plan software helps you create your business plan and then leaves you to get on with it.

PlanHQ goes a step beyond. It sets out a practical way to achieve the goals you’ve set yourself and your business.

After you’ve set your objectives, record, assign and track the tasks that need to be completed to make them happen. Don’t just write the plan – put it into action.

Easy to use

PlanHQ makes it really easy to build your business plan. First you explain who you are and what you’re going to achieve. Then you set the tasks that are going to make it happen. Simple.

Extensive advice and examples

Not sure what to write? Not a problem. Plan HQ provides detailed help copy to take you through each step. It gives you ideas for areas to think about for each section, along with helpful hints and tips.

PlanHQ shows you multiple examples for each section, so you can see how you might go about writing your own plan. If you’re stuck for inspiration, just check these out.

Full Financial Statements

Once you’ve filled in all the relevant sections, PlanHQ will automatically create those all-important Financial Statements, including Profit & Loss and Cashflow. You’ll be able to see at a glance how profitable your business can be, and identify where you need to make changes if the figures don’t add up.

Deliver your goals

Once you’ve identified the actions that need be completed assign them to members of your team. Set the date they need to be done by and order them by priority.

The easy-to-use team manager interface allows you to keep track of progress to make sure you’re on course to achieve your goals.



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