Smart business planning
to help achieve success

From that lightbulb moment to your first day of trading and beyond, we’ll help develop your business plan and get up and running

Business planning

Evaluate your idea, build a professional business plan and create financial scenarios.

Task manager

Use PlanHQ's task manager to help manage the tasks needed to start your business.

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existing business

getting the basics right

running my business effectively

growing my business

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Turn ideas into reality and fulfil your business’ potential

Whether you’ve got a fantastic business idea you can’t wait to put into practice, or you’re already set up and looking for help running and growing your business, PlanHQ can help.

Trying to work out whether a business idea is viable, or plan for the future? Use the planner to map out your vision for your business, including comprehensive help completing your financial forecasts and tips in key areas like competitor analysis.

Had a great business idea, but not sure how to put it into action? Use the task manager to generate a list of tasks businesses like yours usually complete to get up and running - then customise it specifically for your business.

PlanHQ gives you the info and resources you need to set up, and the help and advice to plan for the future.

Help setting up your business and planning for its future

  • Get help setting your business up, by generating a list of setup tasks and customising it for your business

  • Get step-by-step guidance on creating your plan, with detailed instructions, help and examples

  • Use a simple wizard to create your financial projections, including Profit & Loss and Cashflow

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The help you need to turn your business vision into reality